What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dental medicine that aims to correct the position of the teeth, the process being carried out with the help of dental appliances.


The main purpose of orthodontic procedures is the aesthetic one, to improve the general image of the face, but the functional one is equally important.


Thus, with the correction of the position of the teeth, the health of the teeth and gums and the masticatory function improves.


Orthodontics Bucharest, a premium service that you can find in the Dentland clinic.

Considering the importance of the mentioned benefits, it is important to detail them:

Dental aesthetics

The way the final result looks after teeth straightening treatment is considered by patients to be the main benefit.


The main goal is to achieve straight, perfectly aligned teeth, eliminating possible complications caused by crooked teeth and improving self-esteem.


In addition, wearing braces nowadays has become a fashionable habit, demonstrating care for health, and the variety of braces models allows the choice according to the aesthetic requirements of each patient.

Dental health

Teeth straightening comes with many advantages. Facilitating hygiene, which was often difficult in the case of overlapping, crowded teeth, the long-term health of the teeth is maintained, avoiding the appearance of caries, the appearance of periodontitis or other dental conditions.

Îmbunătățirea funcției masticatorii

Problemele de ordin funcțional sunt de multe ori neglijate de către pacienți, chiar dacă funcția masticatorie este afectată de dinții malpoziționați. Însă, abia după corectarea poziției și îmbunătățirea funcționalității se văd efectele pozitive asupra sănătății danturii, a articulației maxilare și a masticației.

Orthodontics in adults

There are a variety of signs, some more obvious, some less so, that should prompt you to see an orthodontist. Among them, the most important issues are:

The upper front teeth are tilted (protruded) outwards – one of the most common orthodontic dental problems.

Crowding of teeth – an underdeveloped jaw can cause less room for teeth, leading to crowding. On the other hand, some patients may have significant spaces between their teeth, all over the dentition or just anteriorly – diastema (popularly called „turner”).

Asymmetry – especially where the midlines of the upper and lower dentition do not match, possibly due to the teeth shifting to one side or a change in the position of the jaws.

Deep occlusion – when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth too much (even their entire length) when you close your mouth

Reverse occlusion – when the upper teeth step behind the lower teeth

Open occlusion – when the upper and lower front teeth stay apart when the back teeth are in contact; the tongue is often still visible between the upper and lower front teeth.

Impacted teeth – in some patients, the permanent teeth have a malformed axis in the jaw and erupt (occur on the arch) outside the arch, or do not erupt, remaining in the bone.

All these dental anomalies can be solved with a Bucharest dental appliance!

Orthodontics in children

From the age of 7, the teeth and jaws of the little ones have reached a level of development that allows both the anticipation of problems and the action on them.

It should be noted that the earlier an orthodontic treatment is applied, the easier and faster it is.

In addition, here are some reasons why teeth straightening is extremely important from childhood:

Orthodontic problems in children affect the image of the face and mouth, the jaws and the structure of the facial bones;

Correcting the position of the teeth improves correct speech and the mastication process;

Misaligned teeth are very difficult to clean, leading to the appearance of dental diseases over time;

Untreated orthodontic problems always get worse, becoming much more expensive to fix over time.

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Clear Aligner, innovation in teeth straightening

Clear-Aligner is an innovative system for straightening the teeth in an effective, modern and above all highly aesthetic way.



The Straumann Group is a world leader in dentistry with the most innovative technologies, with an excellent reputation for quality.


The Swiss company has been researching, developing and manufacturing medical devices used in dentistry, such as dental implants, prosthetic components and bone and tissue regeneration materials since 1954. The precision of Swiss engineering has been proven over time through scientific research and clinical evidence collected over 35 years and supported by over 900 scientific publications.


With ClearCorrect, they’ve put all their research and experience into creating a clear alignment system that delivers high-quality, predictable results you can rely on.


Although they fall under the category of fixed appliances, in addition to being made up of transparent mouthpieces, they are also mobile and can be removed for eating or for daily dental hygiene.


The treatment is personalized, consisting of 2 sets of aligners that change every 2 weeks.


Another extraordinary benefit in the case of this dental appliance Bucharest is that controlled forces are exerted on the straightening process, following a thorough analysis and a set of very accurate calculations, and the final result can be visualized from the beginning of the treatment.

Whether you opt for a classic device or want an innovative treatment, the change starts with a consultation where Dentland specialists will offer you the best solutions.


Orthodontic treatments with the help of transparent dental tray systems are becoming more and more popular, and there are more such tray systems. So, what is the difference between ClearCorrect and the rest of the systems, and which system is the best?

ClearCorrect Guts are designed after many years of research and experience of the Straumann Group from a very high quality material called ClearQuartz to provide efficient and precise movements thanks to excellent elasticity and adaptation. They are not only much more comfortable than classic dental appliances with brackets, but also than many other transparent tray systems.


This is the thinnest clear liner material currently available, with the lowest degree of visibility of all clear liner systems.

A limitation of clear braces is the ratio of transparency to efficiency – the more transparent the brace system, the less effective it is in moving the teeth.


ClearQuartz retains 10 times more of its initial strength than other systems and retains its shape throughout the life of the aligner, not just the first few days of wear.


ClearCorrect is the ideal method of straightening teeth for both teenagers and adults due to the extremely aesthetic and discreet appearance that the aligners offer, unlike the striking one of classic brackets. It doesn’t interfere with their lifestyle, it doesn’t affect their daily oral hygiene routine or diet, there are no food restrictions or the risk of the brackets coming off which delays and interferes with the treatment plan.