About us


Bucharest dental clinic

Dentland is a dental clinic in Bucharest, specializing in the full range of dental services.


The clinic was established in the spring of 2003, at the initiative of dentists with a high degree of professional training, determined to offer a medical alternative to the already existing dental services.


With the main objective of providing dental services at the highest level for our patients, we constantly invest in the technical equipment of the clinic and in the knowledge of our staff by participating in periodic specialization courses.


The clinic’s equipment is among the most complex, with the equipment coming from renowned countries in the field, such as Germany or Italy.

The secret to thousands of healthy smiles since 2003!

A team of consummate professionals, state-of-the-art technology and a lot of passion. Here is the recipe for thousands of healthy smiles created at Dentland!


In the more than 10 years of existence, Dentland has permanently invested in the newest and best performing technologies, as well as in the continuous improvement of the medical team, currently offering exceptional services for the entire spectrum of dental conditions and treatments.


Dentland is a dental clinic that makes no compromises when it comes to the quality of dental service. The passion for this profession gives us the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant in a unique way. The equipment and arrangement of the clinic is only a means to achieve the maximum efficiency of an exemplary trained team.


Although it is one of the most modern dental clinics in Bucharest, our strong point is the professionalism of the medical staff who have been selected and trained very carefully.

Who are our patients?

Dentland addresses those people who are open to medical education and who are aware of the need for bilateral collaboration (doctor – patient) to obtain and maintain a product resulting from the medical service.


Our dental clinic does not compromise when it comes to its medical services. Both through the consultations given by our medical staff and through the publication of various information, Dentland aims to help its patients by improving their medical education.


We believe that success in a dental clinic is primarily due to the professional skills of the doctor and the dental technician, and on the same level we could place the understanding between the doctor, the dental technician and the medical assistant.

What recommend us?

The experience of doctors

This very important element brings a great plus to the dental clinic.

Years of experience in implantology, surgery and other dental specialties, continuous improvement and involvement in medical research are the aspects that recommend us to patients as a leading dental clinic.

Communication between doctor and patient

From our point of view, a good relationship between the doctor and the patient is the answer for a perfectly safe, sustainable and qualitative treatment.

That is precisely why, during the initial consultation, our main task is to get to know the patient as well as possible.

Thus, we could offer him a correct treatment plan, both from the point of view of the dental case and the wishes of the patient.

The safety, comfort and seriousness of the entire clinic

In Dentland Dental Clinic you will always be safe.

Our team treats each patient with utmost seriousness, and each dental case is analyzed by our specialists, so that the final result meets expectations.

The patient’s dental health, but also his comfort throughout the collaboration, is extremely important to us.

In addition to this aspect, we have invested and continue to invest in the purchase of the best equipment and materials for disinfection and sterilization.

Compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, as well as the investments made for patient safety, are a guarantee of the fact that in the clinic we treat without the risk of contacting diseases transmissible through blood and saliva.

We help you get your smile back!