Medical Tourism

Dentland is a dental clinic from Bucharest specialized in a whole range of dental services.


The clinic was founded in the spring of 2001 at the initiative of very qualified dentists determined to offer a medical oriented alternative to the dental services that were already on the market.

Having as main objective to offer high quality dental services for our patients, we constantly invest in equipment and in our doctors’ training by participating to periodical specialization courses.

The clinic is equipped with complex equipment from countries with reputation in this domain: Germany and Italy.

Dental Implants in Bucharest


Respecting its tradition of offering only high quality services, Dentland Dental Clinic offers the whole range of services regarding implantology and adjacent surgery.

dental implant with immediate filling

dental implant with two stage applying

unidental implant

dental bridge implant

prosthetics on dental implants

dental implant without surgical lambou

bone reconstruction