Dental aesthetics

Teeth whitening – aesthetics and health for your teeth

Teeth whitening is a procedure within the branch of dental aesthetics, being a safe, effective and fast method of obtaining a white and bright smile.


However, it is important to note that in our clinic, teeth whitening is more than a cosmetic treatment, our protocol for this procedure being much more complex.


The purpose of the set of applied procedures is to achieve an aesthetic result and, at the same time, improve dental health.

Taking these aspects into account, the steps recommended by our doctors are the following:

Professional sanitation

Professional hygiene is the first stage in this process, its purpose being to decrease the bacterial level in the oral cavity to a minimum. The teeth benefit from the removal of tartar and stains, and the gums from anti-inflammatory treatments.


Fluoridation represents the second stage, its purpose being to increase the enamel’s resistance against acid attack, even certain incipient conditions managing to remineralize, thus preventing their evolution towards caries.

Local treatment with flor is extremely effective and much stronger than that applied through toothpaste or foods rich in this substance. The treatment is easy, painless, lasting 3-7 days, performed at home, according to the dentist’s instructions.


This is the actual stage, there are several variants depending on the patient’s requirements and the doctor’s recommendation.


The 3 existing options are: whitening with a mouthpiece at home, whitening with the Zoom system, internal teeth whitening.

Fluoridation after bleaching

This is an extremely important step, recommended regardless of tooth sensitivity or not.


The flower braces will be worn for the next 2-3 days 2 hours/day or during the night.

Teeth whitening with Zoom Advanced Power

Yellowing of teeth is a common problem, the factors behind it being extremely varied. From the simple passage of time to the influence of certain treatments, foods and drinks, all lead to tooth staining. But, regardless of the cause, the solution is common to remove the mentioned effects, namely, the teeth whitening process.


ZOOM Advanced Power is a professional whitening system through a revolutionary process based on the „power of light”.


In a single session, ZOOM has the ability to whiten teeth by up to 8-10 shades in just 45 minutes, a capacity that was not achieved by classical methods even in the long term.


The objective of whitening and brightening yellowed teeth and removing stains from enamel and dentin is successfully achieved with this technology. ZOOM represents the best example of the technological stage in dental cosmetics.

The benefits of whitening with the Zoom Lamp


The new technology makes the result amazing, the smile obtained is a bright one up to 8 shades whiter in a single session.


The needs of patients have always been put first, that’s why at the Dentland clinic we have brought the technology that whitens teeth without the pain and the subsequent sensitization that most feared until now.


In addition to the fact that the smile will look flawless in a very short time, it should also be mentioned that the result is a durable one that will be maintained for a long time.

The result is long-lasting, health is a priority!

After a single whitening treatment, the results will last for approximately 2 years, depending on the patient’s lifestyle, but can last forever if the patient follows the post-whitening care instructions.


In order for the teeth to keep their appearance, the following are recommended: the use of mouthwash, brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day and the use of professional products created especially for your teeth to keep their shine.


In addition to the aspects related to the duration of the result, it is very important to mention that numerous researches and clinical studies have revealed that whitening supervised by a dentist is very safe. The only contraindications are for children under 13, pregnant or breastfeeding women.