General terms

This document, which contains the terms and conditions of use of the website, establishes the conditions under which anyone can visit or access the website, or use the services offered through the website in any way.


„Site” automatically means the internet site; „Site administrator” means the Dentland Dental Clinic, based in Blvd. Aviatorilor no. 23, sector 1, Bucharest and Str. Calușei no 12, sector 2. Bucharest; „Service” is synonymous with any service offered by the website and any component thereof; „User” further means any person who visits or accesses the site and who wishes to use the Service in any way.


Non-acceptance of the Terms and Conditions or any of their provisions, as they are formulated in this document, entails the User’s obligation to immediately stop accessing the site; accessing or continuing to visit the website, any page on the website and the use of the Service, as well as any of their components, constitutes a full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions provided here.


Rights to the content of the site

The content, as well as the graphic elements of the website, including the entire content in text format and any other material, transmitted in any form to the Users (through direct viewing from the website or through any other materials related to the website) belong to entire Dentland dental clinic. By way of derogation from the previous provision, those materials for which another right holder or another source has been indicated do not belong to Dentland dental clinic.


If the Content of the website, regardless of the area where it is located on the website and regardless of the type, is taken over by Dentland Dental Clinic from other producers of content or materials in the form of text, images, graphics, video sequences, but without being limited to these, such takeover is carried out only in compliance with the legal provisions and the rules applicable in such cases.


Users understand and accept that all the information and materials posted on the Dentland clinic website are strictly informative and indicative and the Dentland dental clinic is not responsible in any case and in any way for the validity and truthfulness of the content of the website or for any legal effect arising from its use.


The response received by the user after completing the contact form does not in any way have the value of a real consultation, and Dentland Dental Clinic is not responsible for the purely informative response sent, as it is not an appropriate medical treatment.


Users are obliged to respect all copyrights and any other intellectual property rights that Dentland owns on and in relation to the website, its content or in relation to their use. Users understand and accept that in case of violation of any of the above provisions to any extent, they may be held liable towards the owners and authors of the content of the website.


The content of the site, regardless of where it is located on the site and regardless of its type, can be used only for personal purposes, defined according to this document as purely non-commercial purposes, without any direct or indirect intention to obtain earnings or profits of any kind from such use. Any use of content by third parties for any purposes other than strictly personal ones can only be done with the written, prior and express consent of the administrators of the Dentland Dental Clinic.


It is completely prohibited to sell, copy, reproduce, publish, take over, transmit, distribute, partially or totally, modified or complete the content of the website or any part of it. Dentland Dental Clinic has the legal right to sue any person or entity that violates the above-mentioned provisions in any way.


Requests to use the site’s content for any purposes other than personal will be sent to the address:

Blvd. Aviatorilor no. 23, sector 1, Bucharest or Str. Calușei no. 12, sector 2, Bucharest, with the mention „For the Dentland team”.


Information notice regarding the protection of personal data

According to the terms of Law no. 677 of 2001 for the protection of individuals regarding the free circulation of personal data and the processing of this data and of Law no. 506/2004 regarding the protection of private life and the processing of personal data in the electronic communications sector and the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, Dentland Dental Clinic will administer under the conditions complete security and strictly for the purposes specified below the personal and non-personal data provided by the Users. Users understand and accept that all personal and non-personal data that they provide to Dentland is processed for the purpose of offering Dentland internet services, statistics and provision of goods and services under optimal conditions.


The non-personal information we obtain about the user is: Country of origin, type of device (mobile or desktop), operating system, browser, screen resolution, time and pages visited on the site and origin of the visitor (organic (Google, Bing etc) or direct).


The personal information that we obtain is that which the user makes available through the contact form on the website and which we do not collect in any database, but we use it strictly to answer the questions or suggestions proposed by the user. That personal information is not and will never be shared or sold to third parties (Google, Facebook, etc.) and will never be used for marketing purposes or unsolicited advertising to the user (spam).


The storage of non-personal information or obtaining access to the information stored in the user’s equipment is carried out by Dentland Dental Clinic only for the following purposes: the provision of Internet services and the provision of goods and services. The third parties that have access to or store non-personal information from the user’s equipment of the website are: the providers of audience and website performance analysis services (Google Analytics). The general purpose of information processing is the provision of internet services.


According to Law no. 677 of 2001, any User benefits from the right of access, intervention on the data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and to go to court.


At the same time, the User has the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning him and to request the deletion of this data.


In order to exercise these rights, any User can make a written request that he will send by mail to the address of the Site Administrator: Clinica Stomatologică Dentland, with headquarters in Blvd. Aviatorilor no. 23, sector, Bucharest or Str. Calușei no. 12, sector 2, Bucharest or by e-mail at:


Link to other sites

Users understand and accept that this site may contain references or links to other Internet sites, including social sites, which Dentland considers useful in relation to the Content of this site, but which are not under its full control .


Clinica Stomatologica Dentland is absolved of any responsibility regarding the opinions or content expressed on all the above-mentioned sites, as well as their accuracy and correctness, and Users understand and accept that these Internet sites are not entirely monitored, controlled or verified in any way by Dentland Dental Clinic.


The inclusion of a link to other Internet sites does not imply endorsement of them in any way by Dentland Dental Clinic. When accessing these internet sites, users do so at their own risk, knowing that the use of the services offered by them is subject to the conditions established by the administrators of these sites.


Limitation of liability

Dentland does not guarantee and assumes no obligation implicitly or expressly for the content of the site. Dentland will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the Site and will try to correct errors and omissions as soon as possible.


Dentland offers no guarantees and cannot be held liable for any kind of loss or damage that may result from the use of any part of the Content on the site or from the impossibility of using it, regardless of its cause or from the erroneous interpretation of the provisions of the Site Content.


The Users understand and accept that the operation of the website may be affected by some objective conditions, but also that any service offered through the website is offered according to the „as is” principle, „as available”, and the Users use these services at their own risk. risk. Consequently, the Site Administrator will not be held liable for any information and data from the Site Content, including those regarding text, images, video sequences or any other activity related to use, as well as any other legal effect deriving from them.


The users understand and accept that the Administrator of this website is absolved of any responsibility in the event of any hindrance, stoppage, interruption, malfunction or error in the normal operation of the site, in the event of a

technical errors of any kind or of any errors in the provision of the Service, and in any situation where it is not clearly proven that any error or problem of a technical nature from those mentioned earlier is exclusively and directly due to the serious fault of the Administrator of this Site .


In cases of force majeure, Dentland and the operators, directors, employees are totally exempt from liability. Cases of force majeure include operating errors of the technical equipment of the Site Administrator, lack of functioning of the telephone connection, Internet, computer attacks of any kind, computer viruses and interference with malicious computer programs, operating errors, unauthorized access to the site systems, strike etc.


Users agree to fully protect and indemnify Dentland Dental Clinic and its representatives against any and all actions, impositions, demands, claims, damages, costs (including attorneys’, executors’ and consultants’ or experts’ fees, judicial, execution or notary fees), expenses , losses, judgments, fines, decisions, regularizations or any other obligations resulting from or related to any other action of the User related to the use of the Service.


Applicable law. disputes

The rights and obligations of the Dentland Dental Clinic and the Users provided by the Terms and Conditions expressed here, as well as all the legal effects produced by the Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Romanian law in force. Any dispute arising in connection with or directly from the Terms and Conditions presented here will be resolved amicably.


Modification of Terms and Conditions

The Dentland dental clinic has the right at any time and in any way to modify any of the provisions expressed in the Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions in their entirety, without any prior notification and without being obliged to fulfill any other formality towards the Users. Any modification shall be considered as fully, completely and unconditionally accepted by any of the Users by using or accessing any facility offered by this Site or by the Service or by accessing the site, intervened in any period after the operation of this/these modifications, and non-acceptance of any of the changes automatically entails the User’s obligation to immediately stop accessing the site and using the Service in any way.


Thank you!